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Written by Grant Sneddon, July 26, 2017
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While the idea of updating your old roof windows may sound more trouble than it's worth, it may be much easier than you think! Here's 5 reasons to consider a change...

Improved insulation

Even if your old VELUX® roof window is in good condition, when it comes to insulating your home it’s no match for the modern features of the new windows that are now available.

It’s like with all things, they adapt and improve over the years, so if you’ve been shutting the door to your renovated room because it’s simply too cold to enjoy, then it’s time to take back your space with a new window that can ensure the warmth stays in, and the cold stays out. 

More daylight

You may be wondering how on earth a window can bring more daylight in than it already does, but you’d be surprised to know that while New Generation VELUX roof windows are the same frame size, the glazing is actually bigger, meaning more daylight for you!

Better climate

Ventilation and sun screening are essential qualities in a window to ensure that your room has a well balanced climate. Modern VELUX roof windows offer even more sun screening benefits as well as good ventilation properties that can allow your room to breathe.

More choice

With a large range of sizes, operation, glazing and finishes, VELUX roof windows may well have a product that better fits your needs.

Struggling with an out-of-reach window? Consider VELUX INTEGRA® electric and solar roof windows for optimum comfort and control at your fingertips. Just wanting to inject a bit of extra brightness to your home? Swap your pine window for one of our white finishes to reflect more light into the room.

It’s easier than you think!

Worried about the hassle of replacing your VELUX roof window? Well it's probably easier than you think! With our expertise and VELUX training, a window replacement can be done in as little as 4 hours.

Don't believe us? Watch our replacement video here.

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