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Written by Bella's Bakery, August 20, 2020
Topics: inspiration

We’ve been spending more time at home than ever before. To help you make the most of the extra time indoors, VELUX has been working with experts from across the UK and Ireland to provide tips and inspiration to help ensure your home remains your sanctuary, and that you stay healthy when you’re in it.

As a boutique bakery and small cookery school owner, Sydney, owner of Bella’s Bakery in Glasgow, Scotland, is an expert when it comes to all things cake and bake related. Originally inspired by her grandmother’s exceptional baking, Sydney grew up eating dishes from recipes passed down from previous generations.

Now, with over ten years’ experience in the catering industry herself, Sydney has been able to combine her family’s baking traditions with her own skills and experience.

Creating deliciously fresh, seasonally-inspired, and sumptuous looking baking, Sydney has shared two of her recipes with us, for those who might want to try making some of her products themselves. Enjoy making your own bread with Sydney’s recipe, or attempt a Victoria sponge for celebrations at home.

To find out more about Bella’s Bakery, take a look at the bakery’s Facebook page, or follow her on Instagram.

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Stay Healthy at Home: Baking Bread with Bella's Bakery



Stay Healthy at Home: Make a Victoria Sponge with Bella's Bakery


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