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Written by Laura Ross, July 30, 2020
Topics: inspiration

Yoga with Laura

Laura Ross is a Yoga Teacher, living and working from her house in Nairn, Scotland. Laura was introduced to yoga in her teens by her Mum and has practiced over the years, alongside running, cycling, hillwalking and weightlifting. Laura works as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher and has a strong connection with anatomy and alignment in her practices and teachings.

Yin Yoga with Laura Ross



30 minute vinyasa yoga flow with Laura Ross




Stay healthy at home with Laura Ross





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Discover Light with VELUX

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The VELUX 360° Extension Experience

Now we've got the right configuration of roof windows, take a 360° tour of the extension to see how daylight impacts on every part of the space.

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Bring more health into your home

Bring more health into your home

Everyone knows that daylight and fresh air are good for the body – but how, and what can we do to get more of these health boosters in our homes?

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Get inspired

Get inspired with VELUX

Natural daylight is the perfect ingredient for extensions and has the ability to make your extra space feel extra spacious. It can make a room come to life and connect it to the outside. 

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