Velux potential in extension project
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Written by Katie Cirovic, August 24, 2017
Topics: advice

VIDEO: How easy is it to fit a VELUX blind?

Want to take our blinds challenge? Watch our video and see how easy it is to install a VELUX blind. Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, August 16, 2017
Topics: getting started

How to plan an extension project

No two extension projects are the same, and the timelines can differ dramatically depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, we have created an example timeline to give yo... Read More

Written by David Maynard, August 2, 2017
Topics: advice

Replacing your VELUX roof window

We ask one of our own technicians everything you wanted to know about replacing your VELUX roof window. Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, July 26, 2017
Topics: inspiration, advice

5 ways to make the light work for you in your extension

So you’ve considered adding VELUX roof windows to your extension, meaning your new space has added daylight and ventilation. Fantastic! The next step is considering how you control that ligh... Read More

Written by Steven Smart, July 26, 2017
Topics: inspiration

Maximising daylight in design

Daylight, our most vital resource has been illuminating our planet for over 4 billion years and yet we still do not make full use of its benefits. Sunlight drives our very existence and with... Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, July 26, 2017
Topics: advice

5 reasons to replace your VELUX roof windows

While the idea of updating your old roof windows may sound more trouble than it's worth, it may be much easier than you think! Here's 5 reasons to consider a change... Read More