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Written by David Maynard, August 2, 2017
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We ask one of our own technicians everything you wanted to know about replacing your VELUX roof window.

So can you give us a bit of background about how long you’ve been working at VELUX and what you do there?

I’ve worked at VELUX for just over 20 years, I’m a service technician. The role has changed a lot over the years, working with local installers and the dealers etc but as the job progressed we’ve done a lot of replacements over the years.

Are you seeing more replacements happening these days?

Yes absolutely, VELUX has been around for a long time, a lot of people have quite old VELUX roof windows in their homes and are just looking to update them.

Can you tell us something the homeowner might find surprising about replacing their roof windows?

I think the biggest thing they find surprising is there is no ‘mess’. Particularly if you are switching with a like-for-like product in terms of size, it is very quick and easy to do and there’s minimal disruption to the home owner.

What reason do you most often find people want to replace their roof windows?

There are lots of different reasons. A lot of the windows we see during replacements are 30 years old or more! They might be looking a bit dated or not be working as well as they used to. Maybe the wood is looking a bit darker.

Like many things, VELUX roof windows have improved and adapted with the times and people are often just looking to update their homes, and in turn, their windows to match their interior, maybe a white finish instead of pine. If you are designing a new kitchen or bathroom, it doesn’t matter how many modern fixtures you add, if you have an old pine roof window it’s going to look a bit dated.

Roughly speaking, how long does it take to replace a VELUX roof window?

Every job is different of course but more often than not I find 4 hours is perfectly sufficient for swapping a window over. We can usually get the job done in a morning or an afternoon.

So not long at all?

No, people are often surprised by how quick the process is!

What would you tell someone who is wondering how much it is going to cost them to replace their roof window?

A really good rule of thumb that we use when speaking to someone is if they look up the price of the window they want from the brochure, if you double the cost of the window, that will easily cover the cost of the installation. Of course it may vary from installer to installer so get a couple of quotes!

What would you say to someone worried about finding their window in the right size (if their window is really old)?

Most sizes of the older VELUX roof windows can be replaced very easily. Every so often we see a very old size that we don’t supply any more but a solution can always be found with the installer to fix this, these issues often occur with vertical windows and are fixed easily.

So what added benefits are the homeowners getting from a new VELUX roof window?

Well as I said technology moves on, and VELUX roof windows have changed a lot over the years, from a performance point of view, glazing is much better, meaning better thermal values and better energy efficiency. There are a lot more accessories available for the new windows as well such as maintenance kits, security locks and electrical accessories (should you decide to adapt your manual window to an electric one).

So you mentioned energy efficiency earlier, is that another big benefit for the home owner?

I would like to think so. We use replacement flashings but also you can also put additional insulation down the sides without disturbing the linings, and along with the improved double glazing, you are going to get a better performing window.

If someone has moved into a different home and find a VELUX roof window that was installed a while back, how can they find out more about it?

I think going to the VELUX site is a good first step, our replacement configurator can help describe where to find the code for the window and tell you your replacement options. Also, if in doubt just call our customer service team who will be happy to discuss it. We also have a team of Certified Installers that we have trained specifically to fit VELUX products, you can also find them on our website.

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