Velux potential in extension project
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Written by Charlie Luxton, October 2, 2017
Topics: getting started, advice

Getting the most from extensions

The increasing cost of moving due to stamp duty and mortgages, combined with the unrelenting hassle of dealing with broadband and utility companies, mean more of us are realising extending i... Read More

Written by David Johnston, September 13, 2017
Topics: advice, inspiration, getting started

VIDEO: Case study - new roof windows for a new look

The Gatehouse Veterinary Rehabilitation Centre in Glasgow, is no ordinary veterinary surgery. The centre treats referred animals from several practices to provide specialist treatment and is... Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, August 16, 2017
Topics: getting started

How to plan an extension project

No two extension projects are the same, and the timelines can differ dramatically depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, we have created an example timeline to give yo... Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, July 26, 2017
Topics: getting started

Putting together your project team

To reach the desired result with your home renovation or selfbuild project, you're going to need a team you can trust... Read More

Written by Steven Smart, July 26, 2017
Topics: planning, getting started

How to be streetwise in managing a project

Embarking on your first building project can be quite a daunting prospect, with little idea of where to start and how to manage the process. This is why the first thing that is often conside... Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, July 26, 2017
Topics: planning, getting started

10 important things to know at the start of a project

Apart from the obvious hoops and hurdles to navigate when embarking on a project, there are many things that should be taken into account at the early stages, but quite often are not. Read More